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Day 6: Meet the Dental Team

Brush Your Teeth!

Dr. Ron Hawk, dentist, Sigrid Goberville, dental hygienist and Rick Krive, dental assistant in training make up the dental team on this trip.

Dr. Hawk has been on numerous dental mission trips, mostly to Mexico and donates his time and supplies to serve those who cannot afford dental care on their own.

Rick Krive has also been on several mission trips and has some experience assisting the dental team (formerly in charge of sterilizing instruments) but this is the first time he has worked directly with the dentist.

Sigrid Goberville worked for Dr. Hawk as an assistant and hygienist several years ago and so has experience working alongside him and knows him well (maybe too well as her video will attest).  This is Sigrid’s first dental mission trip with Spanish River.

The SRC Mission Trip Dental Plan

Robin Johnson explains the benefits of serving on a dental/medical mission team.




Day 5: Worship Seminar to Roasted Pig

The following post is by Robin Johnson. Member of spanish River Church since 1985 and this is her first Mission Trip.

Worship Seminar

Rick leads a seminar for the Cali worship team

Today Rick Krive did a worship seminar with the Cali church musician and songwriter Ronald Lopez, two female vocalists and Luca Contessa from SRC who joined them as a singer, guitarist and translator. Rick commented to us about the amazing talent that Ron has. Rick put together a 25 page presentation about the technical aspects of praise team performance, and Luca translated this document to Spanish just days before the trip.  Many of us were pleased to learn a lot about music from Rick Krive’s perspective as we took our bus trips day to day.  He has been on many mission trips and gladly shared his experiences with us.  Rick practiced worship songs with the Cali team when we arrived in Cali initially.  While we were all unpacking and organizing our craft supplies and our dental and medical supplies, Rick rehearsed and guided the team.

VBS and Clinic

The VBS team had a lot of moms and their babies today in the park.  We had a relaxed time together as there were fewer people than we would have expected.  Javier has been disappointed that school is still in session, and it was in fact final exam week.  This has cut back on the number of kids we could serve.  When the trip was planned for this date, the expectation was that school would have ended the prior week, but the government changed the school dates after it was too late for us to change our plans as well. Linda Fox was able to paint a baby’s chubby cheeks while he slept in a stroller. This was a feat never before accomplished.  One Mom wanted her babies face painted so badly that she tried to stop her squirming by having the baby nurse to hold her still— to no avail. We finished up putting the Tarp painting with all the children’s hand prints and names for presentation to Javier today.

The dental team expected to work until about 4 PM, but actually worked until 6:15 PM to see all the people that were waiting.  They had some very time consuming procedures and helped people in a great deal of need.  They were set up at Javier’s church for Tuesday and Wednesday which was a good thing because they did not need to tear down and reset all of the instruments.  Ron, Rick, Craig and Sigrid barely got a chance to rest, and only were able to go up and get a shower before dinner in Blanca and her husband’s home on the second level.

Sophia and Toni served as the medical team dispensing over-the-counter medicines.

The nurses came home to the hotel after lunch. They had seen all the people that were waiting for them.  Toni had a cold.  She was smiling and doing her usual great job, but she was not feeling well.  Nurse Sophia Hoyle needed to go back to the hotel so that she could get Dizzy ready for a performance.

Roasted Pig for Dinner

The pig is ready for the feast.

As we arrived at the Cali church that evening, we peeked into one of the side rooms to view the Pig’s head that had been roasted for dinner.  That evening we had a great time of worship with Rick Krive and the Cali church music team and Luca Contessa.

Dizzy the Clown Makes an Appearance

Dizzy the clown with Mariela.

Dizzy the clown (Sophia) made an appearance and did a magic show.  She impressed us all with her Christian message communications through her magic.  The kids were delighted.  The space is always set up with plastic stackable chairs, and today the children had small kiddie plastic chairs set up right at the front of the stage.  Dizzy asked for several of the children to come up on stage to help do the magic tricks. Fernando Ortiz translated for her.

This evening we presented the clothing packages to the children at the Cali church.  Judy Hartnett and Sue Elmore received a lot of hugs as each child came forward to get their package.  The children were delighted.  As the presentation want along we were given pork and rice in portable containers to eat as the kids received their gifts.

We bid farewell to the people of the Cali church that evening. I think that both the SRC Mission Team and the Cali Team feel a great sense of accomplishment having spent this time together.  It is a great feeling to care for them, and they did indeed care for our every need. We anticipated going to Yumbo to do dental and medical and VBS tomorrow and to visit with pastor Daniel and Pastor Cesar’s church in that area.

Day 4: Dental to Marital Help

The Following Post is by Sue Elmore. Sue has been attending SRC for 12 years. She is a travel agent and website publisher. She is a mother of two, Melissa 22 and Jefferey 20, and husband Jeff is a deacon. This is her first mission trip and she is very excited to be part of the team.

I love our morning devotions. Rick Krieve plays the guitar and we all sing a few worship songs and pray together. What a great way to start the day!

Rick Krieve Leads Morning Worship

Rick Krieve Leads Morning Worship

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Day 3: First Day of VBS and Clinic, Spaghetti Night

The following post is by Robin Johnson. Member of spanish River Church since 1985 and this is her first Mission Trip.

Medical Team and Vacation Bible School started for the first day at the Olympic Park in Cali, Colombia. The park was just a 15 minute ride from the hotel. We were so pleasantly surprised to see such a lovely area with many buildings. The first building was approximately 3,000 square feet with a stage and many windows open all around. This was where the medical team set up, and it was also used to stretch tables and chairs to feed about 35 of us at lunchtime. Continue reading