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Dony St. Germain: A Church Planter’s Reflections

The main idea:

In this riveting message Pastor Dony St. Germain tells his compelling story about the trials and blessings of doing ministry in the spiritually contested territory of Haiti, and the power that the gospel brings to save the hopeless and lost. Dony shares his testimony about the grace of God’s rescue and deliverance of his life through bombings of his church in Africa, to being nearly killed while being robbed at gunpoint late one night on the highways of Haiti, and his constant fight against voodoo witch doctors. Dony’s message is ideal for all church planters wherever their preaching of the gospel brings resistance and persecution.

Why you should listen to him:

Dr. Dony St. Germain is a world class leader and strategic partner of Spanish River Church in the island country of Haiti. Dony is the Pastor of the Dr. David Nicholas Chapel and Seminary in Jeremie Haiti and President of El Shaddai Ministries International (ESMI), a leading church planting organization based in Jeremie Haiti. ESMI has started over 60 churches, 10 schools with over 6,000 students, 10 children’s homes with over 1400 orphans, and medical clinics to serve the Haitian people. All ESMI church plants utilize micro-businesses to self-support the church, the church planter/pastor, and the local community.