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Interview with Trinity Grace Church Part 2

In this second video, Guy Wasko and Caleb Clardy of Trinity Grace Church continue to explain the Parish Model, which is becoming increasingly popular among church planters in urban contexts. Spanish River Church has partnered with Jon Tyson to start three of their now five parish churches.

In this video, Caleb and Guy explain and answer the discipleship structure of Trinity Grace Church, including:

  • Sunday Gatherings – Weekly traditional Sunday Service
  • Missional Communities – Groups serving their neighborhoods
  • Life Groups – Neighborhood centered small groups
  • Core Communities – Same sex groups consisting of approx 3 believers
  • City-Wide Worship – Collection of all the TGC family to worship Jesus
Look out for the next two parts to be released in the coming days. For those with longer attention spans, you may watch the full video here.

Interview with Trinity Grace Church Part 1

Have you asked the question, “What is the ‘Parish Model’ of church planting?” I have, and in late 2010, I had the pleasure of sitting down with good friends and Spanish River Network church planters Caleb Clardy and Guy Wasko to examine in depth the increasingly popular church planting movement known as the Trinity Grace Church network of churches.

My hope was to unearth what has made them uniquely successful in the urban church planter cemetery of NYC. Where others have come with lofty dreams and fallen by the wayside, this spirit filled, prayerful and motivated team of planters has persevered, grown, and even thrived in territories New York churches have poorly reached in years prior. Jon Tyson, originally from Australia, has led Trinity Grace from a single church to five, with more launching nearly every year.

They have parishes in:

Trinity Grace Church utilizes the “Parish Model“, as many describe it, to surface church planters, create neighborhood missional communities, and ultimately start new churches. Each of these church plants are highly connected, yet distinct as the neighborhood they are reaching. This vision of having gospel centered neighborhood church plants in New York is shared by many, including Redeemer, who is beginning to transition their main parish church into several sites throughout the city.

In this first of four parts, Caleb and Guy explain and answer:

  • Who is Trinity Grace Church? (1 min 12 sec)
  • What are the benefits of the Parish Model? (1 min 51 sec)
  • Warnings about choosing the Parish Model (7 min 30 sec)
Look out for the next three parts to be released in the coming days. For those with longer attention spans, you may watch the full video here.

Ron on the Road: Guy Wasko and Caleb Clardy

It is has been a very busy visit to New York and we still have one more day. We arrived on Thursday evening and we were able to go see “Jersey Boys” that night. It was a great show, I found myself wanting to sing along, but Miriam kept me in check.

Guy Wasko and Caleb Clardy

Gusy Wako | Trinity Grace East Village

Guy Wasko

Caleb Clardy | Trinity Grace Park Slope

Caleb Clardy

On Friday we spent some time with Guy Wasko of Trinity Grace East Village and Caleb Clardy of Trinity Grace Brooklyn. Spanish River has been able to partner with both of these churches the last few years.

Trinity Grace is actually a network of New York City churches that is planting what they call a parish model of churches. Each church has their own Pastor and small staff, but they work together on certain ministries.

One of the events that they worked on happend on Friday evening, it was called Citywide Worship and brought together all the Trinity Grace Churches as well as 4 other churches in the city. These churches gathered together to hold a huge praise and worship service that was attended by hundreds. Their purpose was to praise God and pray for their city. It was a great evening.

Please keep the pastors of Trinity Grace Church in your prayers. The challenges of doing ministry in this city can be overwhelming. But, the opportunities are endless. Trinity Grace now has seven neighborhood churches and plans to launch more in the future. Spanish River Church has a great partner in New York City, and looks forward to being a part of this movement in the future.