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Day 7: Relaxing in the Mountains

Shopping in Cali

Rick finds something to help hold in that extra poundage

Friday we took some time to go shopping in Cali.  We had all eaten too much rice and beans during the past week, so Rick found a place selling Fajate’s for men to help hold in our swollen stomachs.

We did some shopping in souvenir shops and the open markets in Cali and then took about an hour ride into the mountains near Dapa, Colombia, where we stopped for lunch.

Wilder, a personal trainer in Javier’s church, gave us all a group lesson in salsa dancing (Cali is know as the salsa capital of the world).  Who knew that Fernando could move like that?

We spent a lot of time taking pictures of the breath-taking views of the mountains of Dapa including one last group photo with our Colombian hosts.

Then it was back to the hotel to pack and get ready for our 3:30am departure from the hotel to the Cali airport.

Photo Op at Dapa

What a spectacular end to a great week in Colombia, having fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Thank you to Pastor Javier Gil and all the many volunteers from the Betania churches in the Valle del Cauca for being such great hosts.  You served us in so many ways and it was a huge blessing for us to be a part of your ministry.

Pre-trip Packing: Overwhelmed by Generosity

The following post is by Robin Johnson. Member of spanish River Church since 1985 and this is her first Mission Trip.

The Packing meeting started an hour earlier for those of us going over our Love and Respect seminar presentation for the men and women of the church and church plants of Pastor Javier Gil of Cali, Colombia. I am especially blessed that Sigrid Goberville, a Spanish-speaking dental hygienist, and a delightful woman, will be joining us on the trip. Prior to her joining us, we did not have a female Spanish speaker, and only two male Spanish speakers. She will translate for me. We practiced going over the Spanish/English Powerpoint presentation (prepared by Luca Contessa), and I got some practice on how the translation process would flow.

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