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Ron on the Road: The Summit Church

Ron and Miriam with Joel and Michelle Miller

We arrived in Plano, Texas in time to have dinner with Joel and Michelle Miller. Joel serves as the senior pastor of The Summit Church in Allen, Texas. Joel planted this church just two years ago after planting a church in Mississippi. The Summit Church has had to move locations three times this year, and that has caused some struggles for the Church. Allen is located just north of Dallas, and the area has been greatly affected by the economy. Joel has lots of stories of folks coming to Christ through his ministry, and is starting to see some real leadership being developed in the Church.

Michelle is not only very busy with their four children, she also substitute teaches at a local Christian school. Joel and Michelle are excited to see what God is doing through The Summit Church and appreciate the support of Spanish River Church. Joel also appreciated the coaching he received from David Nicholas, and is committed to preaching the Gospel.

Please keep the Millers in your prayers as they deal with all the changes and challenges of this community.

After leaving Dallas, we are making a beeline to home, and will arrive in Boca Raton tomorrow. It has been a great trip, but we are ready to be home. We have travelled over 13,000 miles, seen 33 states and visited with 51 pastors. Most of the pastors have been supported financially by Spanish River Church. It has been amazing to see what this investment has returned. The vision that God gave David Nicholas and Ernie Tomforde has resulted in an unbelievable network of Churches that are preaching the Gospel and serving their communities. It is a great honor to serve at a Church that is so kingdom minded.

Miriam and I will arrive home four days before I leave for India to visit with our church planting partners in that country. Please keep us in your prayers as well, there is much to do.

Ron on the Road: City-Wide Redeemer, Las Vegas

Phillip and Angie Glassmeyer

We rolled into Las Vegas in time to have dinner with the Phillip and Angie Glassmeyer, Phillip serves as the senior pastor of City-Wide Redeemer Church. Phillip along with Eric Phillips came to Las Vegas in 2007 to plant City-Wide. The church currently meets in a local school and averages 130 on a Sunday morning.

November, 2009, saw the formation of CWR’s first missional community. These missional communities number between 20-40 people and exist to give localized expressions of the gospel among neighbors. They meet regularly to consider God’s word, pray, share a meal, and to serve the neighborhood. At present there are three of these MC’s meeting around the city. The vision is for many more neighborhood missional communities to form throughout the city for local transformation through word and deed ministry.

In February, 2011 They launched their second site, City-Wide Redeemer, Paradise. This congregation, centered just east of the UNLV campus, meets for worship Sunday afternoons. Keith Robinson has come on staff to oversee this second site. Please keep Phillip, Eric, Keith and their families in your prayers as they build a church in a very difficult and challenging city.

After leaving Las Vegas we continued east and took a quick detour to see the Grand Canyon. We arrived there right at sunset, and braved the sleet and cold weather to get some great photos.

We then headed out of the park but got delayed when we hit a deer crossing the road. The car had some minor damage, not sure about the deer, he trotted away.

Adam Flynt: “Rocket’s don’t launch all at once”

The following is a brief interview with Adam Flynt on his recent launching of The Crossing Church in Jacksonville, Fl. Adam, his wife Kristen, and the rest of his team launched Crossing Church on September 18th, 2011.

Q: How did your launch service go?

A: It’s hard for me to say that we’ve launched. I’d rather say “launching.” As my father-in-law says, “rockets don’t launch all at once. Every launch is really a series of launches.” So we say we are “launching”. And God has been really gracious to us as we are launching.

On our first Sunday, we had over 150 total people in attendance. Our launch team consisted of about 40 adults.

Q: Did anyone make a profession of faith?

A: Though we did not have any come to Christ on our first Sunday, I have had a number of follow up conversations with individuals who are not followers of Jesus or who invited friends who are not followers of Jesus. They have all expressed a real joy about coming to church and wanting to know more and talk more about Jesus. We are praying hard as we share the bad news/ good news of the gospel with everyone

Q: In what way did God move that excited you the most?

A: I was most excited about how many people who don’t go to church and who are not followers of Jesus came on Sunday.

Our first Sunday was a great day because God gave us a great team of leaders. They really took on so much our first Sunday and really owned it. We also did as much as we could well in advance. This meant that everything we could do the week before, we did. That left a lot of margin to spend with people the week of the launch. I loved that I wasn’t holed up with printing, folding, putting ProPresenter together, etc.

Q: How did you budget in rest after?

A: Knowing this is Jesus’ church has helped tremendously to stay rested and avoid burning out over the idol of working too hard. We had family in town who came to our house on Sunday and cooked lunch for us. I also took the following Monday off to just rest and spend the day with my wife.

Keep Up with Adam:

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