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Day 2: First Full Day in Cali Colombia

Today’s post is written by Judi Hartnett. Judi has been with the church 34 years. She has four children and one grandchild. She works in the Performance Development Center for JM&A Group. This is her first time on a missions trip.

Green Eggs and Ham

After a very quick cold shower we all had breakfast together. We enjoyed fresh fruits, rolls, cereal and the brave ones among us ate the green eggs. It made me think of the Dr Seuss book “Green Eggs and Ham“. Yes, there is such a thing.

Next, we all hopped on the bus and made our way through Cali to get to the church. It is an interesting experience driving here. Everyone shares the road in a sort of bumper car speedway fashion. It definitely has its own rhythm and seems to work over here. Continue reading

Day 1: Travel to Cali and Pizza

The Following Post is by Sue Elmore. Sue has been attending SRC for 12 years. She is a travel agent and website publisher. She is a mother of two, Melissa 22 and Jefferey 20, and husband Jeff is a deacon. This is her first mission trip and she is very excited to be part of the team.

We gathered at the church at 1:00pm to start our journey. It really started months ago with a lot of volunteers from the Lord’s Closet gathering clothes and craft supplies for the Vacation Bible School, Craig Kindell, Fernando and Carlene Ortiz and Luca Contessa putting together plans with our church plants in Columbia, and all the people of SRC who donated medical supplies and clothes to meet the needs at Pastor Javier Gil’s church. We filled 24 large suitcases and loaded them on the school bus and headed to Miami.

Traveling to Cali Colombia | SRC Missions Team
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Pre-trip Packing: Overwhelmed by Generosity

The following post is by Robin Johnson. Member of spanish River Church since 1985 and this is her first Mission Trip.

The Packing meeting started an hour earlier for those of us going over our Love and Respect seminar presentation for the men and women of the church and church plants of Pastor Javier Gil of Cali, Colombia. I am especially blessed that Sigrid Goberville, a Spanish-speaking dental hygienist, and a delightful woman, will be joining us on the trip. Prior to her joining us, we did not have a female Spanish speaker, and only two male Spanish speakers. She will translate for me. We practiced going over the Spanish/English Powerpoint presentation (prepared by Luca Contessa), and I got some practice on how the translation process would flow.

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Colombia Missions Trip 2012

SRC Colombia Missions Trip

June 23-30 2012

Spanish River Church Missions Team | Colombia 2012

L to R: Ron Hawk, Sophia Hoyle, Luca Contessa, Craig Kindell, Toni James, Nancy Brown, Robin Johnson, Carlene Ortiz, Judi Hartnet, Fernando Ortiz, Sue Elmore Not shown: Jim and Sara Tallbacka, Rick Krive, Sigrid Goberville

The people of Colombia need Jesus. Pastor Javier Gil and his wife Gloria have set out in faith to plant churches that share the gospel all throughout Cali, Colombia and have been members of the SRC church planting family since September 2007.  Pastor Javier has planted six churches in the Valle del Cauca area around Cali.

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