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Day 4: Pastor’s Conference, Clinic, Generator Repair

Praying for Patients

Once again, there was a line of people waiting at the clinic when we got up this morning. Jackie and Katrina took their nursing stations with Joe as the clinic administrator and pharmacist and Harry taking blood pressure of patients as they came in. It was a variety of ailments with a few serious issues. The team took every opportunity to pray with the patients to ask God for healing in addition to providing medicine. Ken kept busy counting pills and filling baggies for prescriptions. The clinic ended by flashlight at about 7pm since today the backup generator stopped working.

Gospel Boot Camp

Dan continued the pastor’s conference with a representative of each of the twelve groups of pastors giving a short sermon based on their assigned passage. Dan critiqued the first few pastors but then had the other pastors and deacons join in to point out areas where the bad news and good news could have been explained better. By the end of the morning the pastors were really getting the message. Dan closed the conference with a talk on mentoring, encouraging each pastor to identify a number of leaders within their churches that they can disciple, including identifying a potential successor.

Capturing the Moments

Craig spent the morning taking video of the conference, the clinic and other scenes around the village such as the baker baking the fresh bread which we enjoy every day and the Mamas (widows) cooking for the children. In the afternoon Craig did some computer maintenance on the laptops in the offices and in the computer lab.

We ended the day sharing a meal by flashlight with Lisa, our Canadian interpreter (what a great help and blessing she has been) and Elvis, a young Chadian student friend of hers who aspires to study architecture in the US. It was great learning about life in Chad and the local customs from Lisa and Elvis.

Tomorrow we leave early to go to Bekondjo, one of our new church plants in Chad.

Day 3: Pastor’s Conference, Clinic, Pump Repair

Medical and Spiritual Needs Met

As soon as we got up this morning we saw people entering the village getting in line at the clinic. Immediately after breakfast, Jackie, Joe, Katrina and Harry went over to the clinic building and started seeing patients. They saw a steady stream of patients with various ailments, some aches and pains, some quite serious and one poor man who was close to dying. In some cases all that could be done was to give them some medicine to ease the pain but most importantly there were lots prayers and sharing of love of Jesus. At one point Jackie stood before the group of waiting patients and shared her testimony with translation help from Lisa, a young Canadian girl who is spending a year in Chad as the English teacher in the village. They were still seeing patients until about 7pm. In all they cared for almost 130 patients.

 200 Attend Gospel Boot Camp

Dan started off the morning in the David Nicholas Chapel where more than 200 pastors (twice the number expected) were gathered for the pastor’s conference. There were seven evangelical denominations represented, pastors and deacons with a variety of backgrounds including one man who was a missionary to a tribe in northern Chad. Dan shared with them David Nicholas’ Gospel Bootcamp material and impressed upon them the importance of including the Gospel message in every sermon they preached. Pastor Bako even got up to emphasize to the group that the “power is in the Gospel”. Ken gave his testimony before the group as another example of how the gospel of Jesus can change lives. At the end of the day the pastors and deacons split up into groups and were each given a passage of scripture on which they were to prepare a message. Tomorrow representatives from each group will be given a chance to preach with the others critiquing their bad news / good news Gospel message. It should be a great time.

Water Source Repairs

Ken and Craig spent part of the morning working on the water pump, doing some lubrication, changing the filters and other preventative maintenance but unfortunately missing one key part that would completely fix the leaking pump. We will have to send the part over for another time. Ken and Craig then did a survey of the site for a potential future solar power installation, to replace the troublesome generator that currently powers the village.

We finished the day eating together and sharing stories and testimonies with lots of laughter.

Day 2: Worship in Moundou

Today after breakfast, while waiting for the van to take us into Moundou, we visited the Sunday service for the orphans in the David Nicholas Chapel building. Dan prayed for the kids and we listened as they sang for us. What a great way to start the day!

A Sweet Time of Worship

We rode into Moundou (about ten miles away) and attended the church service at Pastor Bako’s church. We listened to two choirs as they lead worship, one with traditional dress and native instruments who sang in the native tongue of the region, the other who sang more contemporary worship songs in French.

Dan gave the message (via interpreter) from the Gospel of John chapter 11 where Jesus raises Lazarus, ending of course with the bad news and good news of the gospel.

Following the sermon was more worship as they collected the tithes and offerings. There was much singing and dancing in the aisles as the people came forward with their gifts to the Lord. It was great to see the joy on their faces as they worshiped the Lord with their giving.

After the sermon we had lunch with the church elders where we had a chance to discuss and ask questions. They described their recent Moundou for Christ and Pala for Christ campaigns (Pala is another city about 160 miles from Moundou) in which they partnered with 63 other churches for an evangelistic crusade. They had many teams praying and fasting leading up to the event and then shared Christ with 6000 people and had 4000 make professions of faith. They were grateful to SRC for help in putting on this crusade.

They also spoke of the two Pastors that were sent out from this church to Bekondjo and Gouri, the two church plants supported by Spanish River.

Overcoming Difficulties

We asked them what difficulties they face and they described poverty and unemployment, marriage and family issues and bad influences on their children from modern culture. They have a campaign for prayer, visits and family in which they plan to help train parents in how to build better family relationships.

Jackie offered to send them some of the parenting material that she uses at SRC. They also told of the battle against spiritual darkness from witchcraft and the Muslim opposition.

They expressed their gratitude to the SRC team for coming so great a distance to visit and encourage them in addition to the financial support.

We traveled back to village and spent the rest of the day resting up for the busy week ahead.

Day 1: Saturday in Village Altonodji

The Clinic Opens for Business

(Blogger for today is Joe Adames)

We started the day with Dan leading our devotions in Ephesians 6. Shortly afterwards we were given a tour of the facilities while classes were in session. We were delighted by the enthusiastic greetings by staff and students as we went from classroom to classroom.

Having put on the armor of God the team set about Gods business as the clinic was opened to serve the needs of the resident orphans. As with any orphanage there are many challenges as we ministered the physical and spiritual needs of the children. So many hurt spirits who are in need of love more than anything else as Pastor Dan observed while taking individual pictures of the orphans.

We were privileged to be the guests of honor at the Altonodji staff luncheon where everyone shared a little bit about himself or herself. Having taken a short rest we once again continue to see the children at the clinic till late evening, stopping due to darkness.

As we were gathered recounting the day’s events the power went down as it does every day to preserve fuel, which powers the generator. A knock at the door came with an emergency request to assist one of the orphans who had gotten hurt in a childish altercation. Prayer, Tylenol and lots of love alleviated the situation. Good night.


Preparations in the Village Altonodji

We had dinner this evening with Pastor Bako and told us that we had a very busy week ahead of us. He has already pre-registered over 800 people for medical care in the mobile clinic so we will be doing five clinic days starting with Saturday.

Pastor Bako explained how the clinic would be used as an outreach into the community surrounding the Village and for the communities at Bekonjo and Gouri where our two new church plants are located. They plan to follow up on the names they have registered in each place to invite them to be a part of each church.

We decided to unpack and organize our clinic supplies after dinner to get ready. After a couple of hours of preparation we had the medicine and supplies organized by type in boxes and suitcases to be used in the clinic.

Tomorrow we look forward to serving a very full day in Village with the clinic for the orphans, water pump and generator repair, and setting up laptops in the school’s computer lab.