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Chad Mission Trip 2012

SRC Chad Mission Trip

February 15-26 2012

Chad Missions Trip | 2012 | Spanish River Church

Joe Adames, Ken Poirier, Craig Kindell, Harry Belton Jackie Adames, Dan Myers, Katrina Robison

The people of Chad need to hear about Jesus. SRC has been working with Pastor Ngarndeye Bako and his staff at the Village Altonodji orphan village for the past several years to plant three churches near the city of Moundou in the largely Muslim country of Chad.

From February 15-26, a team from SRC will be going to Moundou to conduct a mission trip to support Pastor Bako and the three churches by serving their local community.

The Team will be involved in:

  • Setting up mobile clinics and distributing needed medicine and supplies that have been generously donated by the SRC community.
  •  A Pastor’s Conference for more than 100 pastors from all over Chad on sharing the bad news and good news of the Gospel lead by Pastor Dan Myers.
  • Repairing the solar water pump that provides a safe water supply to the orphan village.
  • Repairing the generator that provides power to the village and conducting a survey for a possible future solar power installation.
  • Bringing laptops and science lab supplies to be used in the school that serves the orphan village and the surrounding community.
  •  Dedicating the new dining hall and science lab buildings at the Village Altonodji and the two new church plants at Gouri and Bekondjo in southern Chad.

Spanish River Missions are unique in that we only conduct these types of relief and support efforts to our church planters in the field. SRC has supported more than 275 church plants in 14 countries.

Click link to see all latest updates from the trip -> Chad 2012

Interview with Trinity Grace Church Part 2

In this second video, Guy Wasko and Caleb Clardy of Trinity Grace Church continue to explain the Parish Model, which is becoming increasingly popular among church planters in urban contexts. Spanish River Church has partnered with Jon Tyson to start three of their now five parish churches.

In this video, Caleb and Guy explain and answer the discipleship structure of Trinity Grace Church, including:

  • Sunday Gatherings – Weekly traditional Sunday Service
  • Missional Communities – Groups serving their neighborhoods
  • Life Groups – Neighborhood centered small groups
  • Core Communities – Same sex groups consisting of approx 3 believers
  • City-Wide Worship – Collection of all the TGC family to worship Jesus
Look out for the next two parts to be released in the coming days. For those with longer attention spans, you may watch the full video here.

Interview with Trinity Grace Church Part 1

Have you asked the question, “What is the ‘Parish Model’ of church planting?” I have, and in late 2010, I had the pleasure of sitting down with good friends and Spanish River Network church planters Caleb Clardy and Guy Wasko to examine in depth the increasingly popular church planting movement known as the Trinity Grace Church network of churches.

My hope was to unearth what has made them uniquely successful in the urban church planter cemetery of NYC. Where others have come with lofty dreams and fallen by the wayside, this spirit filled, prayerful and motivated team of planters has persevered, grown, and even thrived in territories New York churches have poorly reached in years prior. Jon Tyson, originally from Australia, has led Trinity Grace from a single church to five, with more launching nearly every year.

They have parishes in:

Trinity Grace Church utilizes the “Parish Model“, as many describe it, to surface church planters, create neighborhood missional communities, and ultimately start new churches. Each of these church plants are highly connected, yet distinct as the neighborhood they are reaching. This vision of having gospel centered neighborhood church plants in New York is shared by many, including Redeemer, who is beginning to transition their main parish church into several sites throughout the city.

In this first of four parts, Caleb and Guy explain and answer:

  • Who is Trinity Grace Church? (1 min 12 sec)
  • What are the benefits of the Parish Model? (1 min 51 sec)
  • Warnings about choosing the Parish Model (7 min 30 sec)
Look out for the next three parts to be released in the coming days. For those with longer attention spans, you may watch the full video here.

Ron on the Road: The Summit Church

Ron and Miriam with Joel and Michelle Miller

We arrived in Plano, Texas in time to have dinner with Joel and Michelle Miller. Joel serves as the senior pastor of The Summit Church in Allen, Texas. Joel planted this church just two years ago after planting a church in Mississippi. The Summit Church has had to move locations three times this year, and that has caused some struggles for the Church. Allen is located just north of Dallas, and the area has been greatly affected by the economy. Joel has lots of stories of folks coming to Christ through his ministry, and is starting to see some real leadership being developed in the Church.

Michelle is not only very busy with their four children, she also substitute teaches at a local Christian school. Joel and Michelle are excited to see what God is doing through The Summit Church and appreciate the support of Spanish River Church. Joel also appreciated the coaching he received from David Nicholas, and is committed to preaching the Gospel.

Please keep the Millers in your prayers as they deal with all the changes and challenges of this community.

After leaving Dallas, we are making a beeline to home, and will arrive in Boca Raton tomorrow. It has been a great trip, but we are ready to be home. We have travelled over 13,000 miles, seen 33 states and visited with 51 pastors. Most of the pastors have been supported financially by Spanish River Church. It has been amazing to see what this investment has returned. The vision that God gave David Nicholas and Ernie Tomforde has resulted in an unbelievable network of Churches that are preaching the Gospel and serving their communities. It is a great honor to serve at a Church that is so kingdom minded.

Miriam and I will arrive home four days before I leave for India to visit with our church planting partners in that country. Please keep us in your prayers as well, there is much to do.

Ron on the Road: City-Wide Redeemer, Las Vegas

Phillip and Angie Glassmeyer

We rolled into Las Vegas in time to have dinner with the Phillip and Angie Glassmeyer, Phillip serves as the senior pastor of City-Wide Redeemer Church. Phillip along with Eric Phillips came to Las Vegas in 2007 to plant City-Wide. The church currently meets in a local school and averages 130 on a Sunday morning.

November, 2009, saw the formation of CWR’s first missional community. These missional communities number between 20-40 people and exist to give localized expressions of the gospel among neighbors. They meet regularly to consider God’s word, pray, share a meal, and to serve the neighborhood. At present there are three of these MC’s meeting around the city. The vision is for many more neighborhood missional communities to form throughout the city for local transformation through word and deed ministry.

In February, 2011 They launched their second site, City-Wide Redeemer, Paradise. This congregation, centered just east of the UNLV campus, meets for worship Sunday afternoons. Keith Robinson has come on staff to oversee this second site. Please keep Phillip, Eric, Keith and their families in your prayers as they build a church in a very difficult and challenging city.

After leaving Las Vegas we continued east and took a quick detour to see the Grand Canyon. We arrived there right at sunset, and braved the sleet and cold weather to get some great photos.

We then headed out of the park but got delayed when we hit a deer crossing the road. The car had some minor damage, not sure about the deer, he trotted away.