Haiti 2013 – Day 6: Install refrigerator, lighting ceremony and VBS

Today we started off the day with a devotion from I Corinthians 12 about the body of Christ being made up of many parts working together.  The team has worked well together all week accomplishing a lot for the Kingdom.  Someone pointed out that the little ones that we helped this week are also a very important part of the body, and valued very much.

We went to Fayeton and got to work finishing the wiring on the boys and girls dormitories and the pastor’s residence in the cafeteria building.  We decided to add a couple of lights in the cafeteria with an outlet that we would later use for “movie night”.  DouDou arrived from Port au Prince with the chest style freezer that we added to the plan at the last minute.  We mounted a solar panel on the roof of the cafeteria to power the freezer and also a refrigerator that will arrive next week.  This will allow more of a variety in the menu for the children including food that might otherwise spoil.

After lunch we gathered the children together for pictures and set up an  assembly line where they could choose a foam frame and decorate it.  Later we handed out the great quantity of clothing that had been donated by the students of SRCS and the people of SRC carefully packed into outfits by the Lord’s Closet team.  The kids were very excited to receive these gifts but the best was yet to come.

As it grew dark we setup a projector and laptop and showed the “Jesus Story for Children” (adapted from The Jesus Film project).  The kids watched attentively to the movie which was shown in Hatian Creole (with English sub-titles for the American guests) and it was thrilling to hear many of them praying to accept Christ when the invitation was given at the end of the movie.

Then we quickly setup for the “lighting ceremony” where we gathered the children in their respective dorms (it was completely dark now) and chose two of the most quiet and shy little ones to flip the switch.  Pastor Woodman said a few words of gratitude to the team for giving the children this great gift of lighting and power so that they could study later at night, have fresh food to eat, feel more secure and just to be able to see as they get ready for bed each evening.  The kids were very excited as first Lou Wensky flipped the main breaker switch in the boys dorm followed by Jenna doing the same for the girls dorm.  They were laughing, shouting, singing and dancing through the dorms as every light was lit!  It was an amazing sight!

We said our goodbyes for the night and went back to the hotel after a very eventful day.

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