Haiti 2013 – Day 5: Wiring pastor’s residence, clinic and VBS

Today we started off the day with a devotion from James about faith without works and helping widows and orphans to prepare us for the day ahead.  After breakfast we went to Fayeton and started in on completing the wiring of the boys and girls dorms and the cafeteria building and pastor’s residence.  We had lots of little helpers and “supervisors” working with us.

Susan organized a cleanup squad to pick up trash and spruce up the campus.  Toni took a turn helping with some of the electrical installation.  Later Susan and Toni went over to the medical clinic where they saw another 100 patients from the community.

The craft for the morning was signing and decorating beach balls.  Each child got a ball with their name on it and had a great time playing with them the rest of the day.

We completed all the wiring of the dorms and cafeteria building and carefully tested each circut.  We found a few things that needed to be fixed so we decided to postpone the lighting ceremony until Thursday evening.

At the end of the day we gave each child a necklace that Toni had brought made by a group of orphans in the US.  Pastor Dony explained to the children that the orphans in the US are praying for them and wanted to give them a gift.  It was an appropriate way to end the day.

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