Haiti 2013 – Day 4: Wiring dormitories, clinic and VBS

Today we started off again with devotions led by Gary who shared his testimony with the group.  After breakfast we went to Fayeton to begin a very busy but productive day.

We finished mounting the solar panels on the roof and completed the wiring in the solar room containing the inverter, charge controller and batteries.  We were able to power up the system and plug in the drill and it all worked, Praise The Lord!

The wiring in the boys and girls dorm buildings is almost complete including running the wire in trenches between buldings so we are very close to being ready for the official lighting ceremony to be held tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Toni and Susan opened the clinic today and saw over 100 patients including many of the staff of Fayeton and a few of the orphans.  Overall the childrean are in very good health.  Greg helped organize the medicine and supplies at the clinic.

We quit work a little early so that we could all watch as Gary gathered the children together and with the help of his friend Egbert (a puppet) and Pastor Dony, he shared the gospel message with the kids.  The kids loved Egbert and Pastor Dony added his own special voices as he translated for Gary and his friend.  It was a great way to end the day.

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