Day 9: Worship in Mitu, Travel to Bogota

The indigenous leaders from the Vaupes region with Pastor Leonel and Pastor Fabio

The indigenous leaders from the Vaupes region with Pastor Leonel and Pastor Fabio

On our final day in Mitu, we started with a church service at the school where we held the clinic close to our hotel.  The people from Pastor Fabio’s church in Mitu came along with the indigenous leaders and their families who had come from the jungle villages.

_DSC0021The service started with singing hymns along with special music sung by the leaders.  It was great to see Servando playing the guitar we had brought as a gift and to see three of the other leaders wearing glasses that were given to them by Patricia the eye doctor at the clinic (thanks to the Lions Club for donating 300 pairs of recycled glasses).  Almost one hundred people were given glasses during the week and that alone will make a huge difference in their lives.

Pastor Fabio gave a great message including the bad news and good news of the Gospel and what it means to be sealed by the God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirt for all of eternity.  Pastor Fabio was very emotional as he thanked the Lord for bringing the mission team to serve the indigenous people that are the focus of his ministry in Vaupes.

We had one last group photo before saying goodbye to Pastor Fabio, Diana and family along with Pastor Leonel, Belgica, Dr. Gigliola, Dr. Claudia and Dr. Luce who were staying in Mitu to spend time with Fabio and family until the next flight back to Villavicencio on Tuesday.  We gathered up our luggage and took several means of transportation to the airport, some of us in the back of a police truck and even some on motor scooters.  It rained a little on the way to the airport so some of us were wet as we checked in our luggage and waited for the flight to Bogota.  As we took off we once again looked down on the winding Vaupes river and the dense jungle vegetation surrounding Mitu.


Luca dances with Natalia Baron

After arriving in Bogota and retrieving our luggage we took a shuttle to our hotel near the airport.  We found very nice rooms with AC and hot water, very different from our accommodations during the past week in Mitu.  David and Claudia Baron with daughter Natalia had arranged a bus tour of their home city of Bogota including a wonderful dinner at a restaurant overlooking Bogota.  We had some great food and a little dancing to traditional Colombian music before heading back to the hotel to pack for the trip back to Fort Lauderdale on Monday.

We had a great time of fellowship and ministry in Colombia and Lord willing will come back again to work with Pastor Leonel and Pastor Fabio.

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