The Long Journey Home

We started out from the Lakeside Hotel at 10am (3am Boca time) Saturday and after a brief stop at Pothawira drove an hour and a half to the Lilongwe airport along with Peter, Emma and Alpha.  After saying our goodbyes we boarded our first flight of three and one half hours to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  After a two hour layover we took off from Addis Ababa and flew seven hours and landed in Rome for a refueling stop (we didn’t leave the plane) then flew another nine hours to Washington, D.C. where we had a four hour layover.

We said goodbye to the Yelle family who traveled back from D.C. to their home in Ottawa.  The next stop for the rest of us was Newark (45 minute flight) with a 45 minute layover then on to Fort Lauderdale (3 hours).  So after about 40 hours of traveling we finally arrived back in Boca.

What a great time we had serving alongside Pastor (and Doctor) Peter Maseko and his wife Emma.  We thank God for a truly a blessed week in Malawi.

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