Day 7: Clinic

Today we had planned to be a rest day but God had other plans for us. We went to the Pothawira clinic for the morning to see some of the orphans that we were not able to see earlier in the week. When we got to the clinic, we saw a big lineup of people and decided to change our plans and stay and see patients. After time of worship with the people and great prayer, led by Nelson, the clinic administrator, we had a very busy morning with Dr. Yelle and Dr. Maseko seeing patients outside in the waiting area to speed up the process. Jackie and Susan did triage outside and once again saw several wound care patients with serious infections. They redressed the wounds on other patients that had returned having been treated earlier in the week. The man with the serious hand infection had shown remarkable improvement.

We had all planned to take a boat ride to Lizard Island, which is an island off shore of our hotel on Lake Malawi. Since we had already paid a deposit on the boat, some of the group left to go on the boat at about noon. The boat also made a stop at an area that was said to be visited by hippos, but alas, after a very long hike in the hot sun, no hippos were spotted. After this disappointing excursion, Rob and his family went to enjoy some family time at the Livingstonia Sunbird hotel which has a pool near the beach and where we have eaten dinner several times this week.

At the clinic, the rest of the group worked on the long line of people remaining and were able to treat almost 350 patients including some of the orphans that we had not yet seen. We took a break at one point and gave out the Chichewa Bibles that we had purchased for the orphans and Mommas and other staff members. It was touching to know that for most of them this was the first book that had ever received. The children sang some worship songs for us and one of them spoke and thanked us for the gifts that we had given them throughout the week and for the time we had spent treating them and doing activities with them

It was at the end of the day that we saw God’s purpose in having us do the clinic today when a woman came in with her baby. Jackie determined that the baby was severely malnourished and had possible neurological damage as a result. The baby was four months old and weighed less than five pounds and was not very responsive, not even crying. Jackie and Peter decided that there was nothing that could be done at the clinic so we loaded up the team with the mother and child along with her friend and took them to a nearby hospital where the baby was admitted for treatment. Please pray for this little one as the doctors work to save his life!

We then went to the Livingsonia Sunbird to meet the Yelle family for dinner where we prayed together and shared our experiences from a very eventful and blessed week. We are very grateful at how God was able to use us working alongside Dr. Maseko and his staff as well as spending time with orphans at Pothawira Village.


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