Day 6: Clinic, VBS

Ron and Miriam left this morning to go to Capetown and Rich was recruited to drive them to the airport (driving on the left side of the road of course). Precious, one of the young men who attended the Gospel Boot Camp, presented Ron with a small plaque that he had made before they left. Greg (using his piloting skills) has been our mini-bus driver for most of the week, driving to and from the clinic each day and running errands into town to get water and exchange money as needed.


People waiting to see the doctor at the clinic

Today was the busiest day yet in the clinic. When we arrived at 8am there was already a large group of people in line in the outside waiting area and more arrived throughout the day. Many had walked the 15 miles from Senga Bay to come to the clinic. We ended up seeing over 400 patients today alone for a total of about 1200 patients for the week including the orphans and staff of Pothawira Village. Peter started off the morning by introducing our team and leading the waiting group in a time of worship followed by a beautiful prayer by Lucia, one of our translators. It was great to hear them praising God in spite of their physical ailments.

The man with the serious hand infection came back again to have his wound dressed and you could see that the swelling had gone down and the wound was beginning to heal. There were more wound care patients including a man who had his leg run over by a tractor and had an infection due to lack of proper treatment. Once again there were many mothers with their babies including one baby that Jackie diagnosed with a condition known as “tongue tie” that causes difficulties in breast feeding. Dr. Peter was able to do a “tongue tie division” which is a simple surgical procedure to correct the condition. Jackie used her “Nurturing Your Newborn” skills to help train these mothers in proper care for their babies.

The pharmacy was very busy as most patients were given a prescription for at least one type of medicine. Although we used much of the more commonly prescribed medicines we still will leave Dr. Maseko with a large supply to continue to serve the community at the clinic thanks to the generous contributions toward medical supplies. It was once again a team effort, with Susan and Jackie trading off triage of patients and doing wound care, Monika helping to take weight and vital signs, Greg once again as the lab tech (with no previous medical experience) testing blood for malaria, hemoglobin and blood sugar, Rich, Valette and Marika helping Joe in the pharmacy and of course Dr. Yelle and Dr. Maseko in the examining rooms. Luke and Liam were able to entertain some of the children waiting at the clinic with a lively game of soccer (don’t know where they get the energy to play in the intense heat).

Recorder Lesson

In the afternoon, Monika, assisted by Luke and Liam, went to the dining hall and gave the older orphan children a lesson in playing the recorder (Monika is a music teacher and brought 50 recorders with her to give to the Pothawira school). Emma was there also to translate and the children learned fast and were soon attempting to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb” as a group. Even the Mammas joined in the lesson. These children were given the job of continuing to practice so the they in turn can teach the other children and they took that role very seriously.

As the sun was setting at the end of the busy clinic day, Dr. Yelle and Susan, with Luke and Liam, spent some time playing games with the children outside the clinic.


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