Day 5: Clinic, VBS


Today was another busy day in the clinic as word has spread throughout the local community. There were many mothers seeking treatment for their babies (shown is a picture of the unique way of weighing them). The medical team again saw a variety of things from simple back pains, to colds, to various stomach issues due to lack of clean water. It was “all hands on deck” in the clinic as Ron, Greg and Rich joined in to help as needed. Greg has become quite proficient at performing the malaria test that can also distinguish the type of malaria as some strains are more aggressive than others. Valette, Craig and Marika helped again in the clinic counting pills and filling prescriptions supervised by Joe, head pharmacist. Susan performed triage as the patients waited to see Dr. Yelle and Dr. Maseko and Jackie saw patients on her own in addition to assisting the doctors. Rich, Monika and Miram assisted in the wound care treatments as well as being “runners” between the pharmacy and the doctors.

Dr. Yelle commented that he did not realize how pervasive malaria is in Malawi and how sick people can get. He saw a one year old boy named James who had diarrhea and high fevers and was diagnosed with an aggressive form of malaria. He was treated with injections and rehydration over four hours. We will see him tomorrow for his third injection and to make sure he is well enough to take pills.

Please pray for his treatment and recovery. Jackie also treated the boy with the serious infection in his hand and redressed his wound. Please continue to pray for him as well that he will have no permanent damage to his tendons.

It was a long day in the clinic, as we saw the last few patients and filled their prescriptions using flashlights (no power yet at the clinic, the generator has not yet been installed).

Vacation Bible School

Today was Mirian and Ron’s last day at Pothawira, as they will be traveling tomorrow to Capetown to meet with potential church planters there. Mirian spent the afternoon with the children, giving them their individual pictures she had taken on Monday, mounted in a foam frame that they decorated with stick-on shapes. It was great to see their faces as they received the photos; most had never seen a photo of themselves, let alone receive one to keep. Craig, Ron, Rich, Luke and Liam assisted the children as they decorated their frames.

Miriam showed them the completed mural that they had made the day before with their hand prints in various colors. She then read a few of the letters from the children of Spanish River Christian School, calling up the child that the letter was addressed to and then explained that each letter was also written to all of them. They answered questions such as “what is your favorite color?” or “what is your favorite food?”. The children will be working today and tomorrow on their responses which we will carry back to SRCS.

Monika along with Luke and Liam showed the children the recorders that they had brought for the older grades in the school and gave them their first lesson, even playing one of the native worship songs we had heard the children singing in Sunday’s church service.

Later the children were each given a wooden “twirly” toy which were hand-crafted by Spanish River’s own wood worker, Mickey Kinley. They are propellers mounted on wooden dowels that fly in the air as you rub the shaft between your hands. That and the jump ropes they were given the day before provided for a joyful play time the rest of the afternoon.


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