Day 4: Gospel Boot Camp, Clinic, VBS

Gospel Boot Camp

Today the Gospel Boot Camp was devoted to having the pastor’s and church leaders practice what they learned. Volunteers each preached a brief sermon attempting to incorporate the seven main points of the bad news and good news and they were critiqued by their peers. There was a good amount of interaction among the 71 participants in the seminar and once again, Emma did a great job of translating for the speakers so that Ron, Greg and Rich could join in the critique.

The Clinic

The clinic was very busy as it was opened up to the people in the surrounding communities. When we arrived there was already a line of people in the waiting area. There were a couple of burn patients and some other wound care as well as people who needed only pain or cold medication. One memorable case was an 18 year old boy who came in with a severely infected hand. He said that it started with three blisters which were not cared for properly and became infected and abscessed. He was told by someone that toothpaste is a good treatment so the infected wound was also caked with Colgate making it difficult to clean (Peter said it is common to have the type of misinformation spread among his patients). It had been almost two months since he had first gotten the blisters and has only gotten worse to the point that he had a one-inch open gaping wound and according to Dr. Yelle he was only weeks away from losing his hand. The infection could have spread to his bone potentially risking his limb and life.

Jackie and Dr. Yelle debrided the wound, cleaned it up and gave him hefty doses of antibiotic. Please pray that the wound would heal without affecting the tendons which might permanently hinder his grip.


The VBS continued today with the kids putting their handprints in colored paint on a mural of Jesus sitting with children under a tree (thanks to Linda Fox who provided the mural). Miriam, Valette and Monika then passed out the jump ropes and the children were happily jumping and playing with the ropes. Even the Mommas joined in the fun.


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