Day 6: Meet the Dental Team

Brush Your Teeth!

Dr. Ron Hawk, dentist, Sigrid Goberville, dental hygienist and Rick Krive, dental assistant in training make up the dental team on this trip.

Dr. Hawk has been on numerous dental mission trips, mostly to Mexico and donates his time and supplies to serve those who cannot afford dental care on their own.

Rick Krive has also been on several mission trips and has some experience assisting the dental team (formerly in charge of sterilizing instruments) but this is the first time he has worked directly with the dentist.

Sigrid Goberville worked for Dr. Hawk as an assistant and hygienist several years ago and so has experience working alongside him and knows him well (maybe too well as her video will attest). ┬áThis is Sigrid’s first dental mission trip with Spanish River.

The SRC Mission Trip Dental Plan

Robin Johnson explains the benefits of serving on a dental/medical mission team.




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