Ricardo Agreste: Gospel Unity

The main idea:

God has called his family to be unified in the gospel, and to work together to fulfill the Great Commission and expand His Kingdom. Often times, however, when pride, or cultural snobbery fog our thinking, we can begin to assume that we are the experts on our particular circumstances, culture, and context. We end up prohibiting our ability to be effective, efficient, and God honoring. “We always think our vision, is the only right vision.” says Ricardo. We neglect to lean on our brothers from different backgrounds, countries, and cultures to give us wisdom and insights. In this session Brazilian church planting movement leader Pastor Ricardo Agreste from Sao Paulo, Brazil sheds light on how we as the family of God, and specifically church planters, should seek to partner with our international brothers in humility to start global church planting movements.

Why you should listen to him:

Pastor Ricardo Agreste is a Brazilian church planting movement leader and President of Acts 17 Connection. He is the lead pastor of Chacara Primavera in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and spearheads CTPI, a church planter assessment and training program. Pastor Ricardo is a member of the Spanish River Church Planting family, and is our primary partner in our over 40 church plants across the Brazilian landscape.

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