Ron on the Road: Christ the King Church

Ron Tobias, Logan Keck, Rick Downs, Bob Sawyer and Bryan Loney

Tuesday we drove to Cambridge, which is home to Harvard, MIT and Boston University. It is also home to Christ the King Church, which is a PCA church that serves two congregations an English service in the morning, and Brazilian service in the evening. Rick Downs has served as the senior pastor of Christ the King for many years. Rick also was an intern at Spanish River from 1979-1981. Christ the King Church meets in a church that is over 150 years old, and it is one of the newer buildings in the area. Christ the King Church has a real heart for planting churches in the Boston area. Rick introduced us to two men that are in the process of raising support for two new plants. Bryan Loney will be planting a church in Roslindale, and Logan Keck will be planting a church in Egleston Square, both of these are neighborhoods in Boston proper.

Christ The King Church Boston Massachusetts

Christ The King Church | Boston

Bryan came to Christ as an adult, he was working as a professor at Florida State University,

when he first heard and responded to the Gospel, and later he was called into the ministry. Bryan had to make the difficult decision of leaving FSU, even though he was a tenured professor. He and his family will soon be moving to Boston to start this new work. Here is some additional information:

Logan is also in the process of raising support, he and his family already live and work in Boston and hope to have a core group put together soon. You can read more about Logan and this project at this website:

Bob Sawyer is the director of the CTK church planting center. He has been a tremendous help to Bryan and Logan, and along with Rick  serve as their coach when the churches are planted.

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