Day 5: Wednesday – At Javier’s Church in Cali

Todays post was written by Marina, Diane, Linda and Carlene, a team effort – Craig

Today, we decided not only to reach out to the children that attend Javier’s church, but to the surrounding community as well.  With God’s blessing, over forty families showed up today!  We began the morning at Javier’s community church which is in one of the many poorer areas of Cali.  Like all of our mornings. we filled our spirit with the Word of God by taking out time from our morning sessions and having a twenty minute devotional accompanied by the musical talents of Diane, Luca, Craig, and Tom.  After praising the Lord for our opportunity to serve him, we began setting everything up considering that we were unsure of the number of children as well as adults that would be coming.

Today was a very special day in “Mommy & Me” because Tomas (Javier’s son) was showing signs of improvement with his developmental skills.  In fact, Gloria (Javier’s wife) is going to start up her own “Mommy & Me” class after learning so much from Shannon and our helpful team.  All of the children who attended the church’s events today and the previous days have been in love with Diane and Linda’s amazing face painting talents! BRAVO :).  The arts and crafts were also a great success because of our team’s flexibility and creativity. The medical team has been phenomenal with all of the patients that they have treated.  Not one has been anything but grateful for being taking care of. We were so blessed to have Daniella’s sister and husband assist our medical team considering that he is a trained and practicing ophthalmologist.

Today, despite being a perfect day overall, we were faced with a near tragedy. One of the little kids who lives across from the church was coming back home to share his art work with his family that he made here when a motorcycle nearly ran over the poor four year old. Praise God he did not even have a scratch on him! After seeing this situation first hand, both David and Fernando responded urgently to ensure the safety of the child. What they did not know prior to speaking with the family was that they not only did not attend Javier’s church but no church at all.   Fernando shared the gospel and prayed with them in their humble abode.  They invited him into their home, which was a small house shared with another family.  Both parents are unemployed with five children ranging in age from 6 to 14 along with the grandmother living with them.  They have no food to eat and limited monetary resources.  Praise God because this family was encouraged by our mission team and are planning to attend a service at Javier’s church in the near future.

As you read this, please pray for the families in this impoverished neighborhood.  Please also pray for the successful delivery of the sound equipment which was donated to the local church.  We have encountered difficulty in getting the equipment through customs and are hopeful to be successful in getting it released soon.  We remember you in our prayers and trust you are remembering us as well.

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