Day 1: Safe Arrival in Cali

The team met at the church at 12:30pm and loaded up the bus with 21 bags of clothing, supplies and medicine, a keyboard/synthesizer and three acoustic guitars along with our personal bags and carry-ons. We made it to the airport by 2:15 and as we were checking in we discovered we had one more bag than allowed, we had one carry-on that was overweight and needed to be checked and the keyboard was over-sized for a total of $350 in excess baggage fee.  When we went to the Avianca cashier we showed them the letter from Spanish River saying that our excess baggage was filled with items to be donated to the people of Colombia.  They proceeded to waive all of our luggage fees, praise God!

Upon arriving in Cali all of our luggage made it there safely and passed through customs with no problems.  Pastor Javier, wife Gloria and son Tomas were there to meet us at the airport along with a bus and several cars driven by members of our church plants in Cali. The bus was packed full of our luggage and we rode in the cars to our hotel arriving at about 10pm. We thank you for all of the prayers that went up for safe trip to Cali.

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  1. Toni James

    Happy to see the smiling faces of the group. Thankful for your safe arrival…I miss not being there with you all and will continue praying for you and the people of Columbia…looking forward to more of the info from the blog. God bless you all. toni

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